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    Gallery & eBook Reader ($495.00)$495.00
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    Special Offer Codes ($295.00)$495.00
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    Tips and Posts ($495.00)$495.00
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Expert App BASE - Add-On Options$0

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eCourse Technology - allows you to create and deliver multi-module and lesson e-courses through your app

Tracka'Book Technology - lets you use your app as a viral marketing tool by turning books (digital or physical) into "trackable" and "shareable" books that create mini-communities around your message

Gallery and eBook Reader - this features lets you share images, powerpoint presentations, ebooks that people can read and swipe through and link to your Instagram feed so when you add an image there it populates in your app.

Special Offer Codes - allows you to create special offers or promotions that people get to through a code you give them and they track in the app.  This works really well with joint ventures, affiliates, and promotional partnerships.

Tips and Posts - lets you post quick messages that can be images, text, videos, audio and can be linked to your Facebook pages so your posts automatically post to your app.

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  • 1xExpert App BASE - Add-On Options$0

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